Monitoring of Waste Removal from Garbage Containers


  • To organise the monitoring of waste removal down to the garbage container
  • Garbage containers are of two types: one that can be unloaded into a garbage truck and one that is carried by a garbage truck
  • The total quantity of garbage containers is 5000. It is necessary to monitor the unloading and carrying of containers and to get information about processed and unprocessed containers every day
  • To have information about each container’s location and the trucks which processed it

Solutions We Have Offered: The main functions of the «Object Monitoring» module were used for solving this task. Additionally, a notification module was implemented which informs local residents about the approximate time of the garbage truck’s arrival via SMS and Telegram. The notification option is available for residents of districts where garbage is taken according to schedule.


  • The volume of waste being removed before the system’s implementation was 87%. After the implementation – 100%;
  • The capacity of garbage trucks increased in districts where waste removal is carried out according to a schedule;