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Objective: to implement a set of measures aimed at providing video control in the passenger compartment, video control of the traffic situation, as well as ensuring automated counting of passenger traffic.

Solutions we offer:

– the system “Autoconductor” was installed;

– in addition to the system, video surveillance cameras of the interior, control of traffic situations were connected
and monitoring the driver;

– for the convenience of drivers, the buses were equipped with monitors that display video from cameras, a summary
according to the weather, as well as text messages from the ATP dispatcher;

– for the convenience of passengers, the system was connected
to the Yandex.Transport service, which made it possible to obtain information about the predicted time of arrival of buses at stopping points.


The customer managed to increase revenue from transportation by 30%. The process of processing passenger claims, as well as the time for finding out the causes of emergency situations, was reduced to almost one working day.