External integrations

Our company has carried out many projects where we performed third-party integration. When performing integration, we use various tools and methods.

We have ready-to-go integration with the following platforms

Projects which have been carried out


Integration with the billing system TravelSim was performed

Integration method: REST API TravelSim
What we integrated: PILOT platform automatically receives information when the minimum balance limit
Results:The system’s downtimes which were caused by blocking the data transfer services on the devices in use disappeared as a result of the integration

KvadratSystemsLLC (UAE)

Integration with the aggregator SMS services EDS was performed

Integration method: REST API EDS
What we integrated: PILOT notification subsystem connected to the EDS SMS-aggregator’s gateway
Results: The cost of SMS notifications and orders reduced significantly for users in UAE

Talosto Trade House

Integration with corporate SAP was performed

Integration method: Special methods requested by SAP’s engineers developed by our company’s employees
Results: Automatic transfer of expected and control parameters from PILOT into the corporate SAP

PJSC «Lenenergo»

Integration with corporate 1C was performed

Integration method: REST API, exchange with CSV
Results: The transfer of data related to tasks and records necessary for filling in road sheets was automated. The road sheets’ processing time was cut down. Mistakes which occurred when filling in sheets were eliminated

Emergency Service (Service 112)

Integration concerning sending emergency signals and alarms was performed

Integration method: WEB-services
Results: As a result of the integration the equipment controlled by PILOT learnt to automatically analyse dangerous conditions and send emergency signals to the Emergency Service Dispatcher Desk (Service 112)