Tms planning systems, optimisation and monitoring the execution of deliveries

Logistic-navigator is:

Monitoring changes in indicators

Monitoring the adherence to time windows for deliveries

Automated delivery planning

Plan-fact analysis of trip completion

Minimisation of haulage

An increase in the effectiveness of fleet usage

Creating analytical reports

When planning deliveries, the following factors are taken into consideration:

— The time windows for pick-up and delivery;

— Traffic congestion;

— The weight and volume specifications of the cargo and the vehicle;

— The length of the working day;

— The type of vehicle used (own or rented);

— Other factors indicated by the user.

Logistic-Navigator —  is an irreplaceable tool for logisticians, which allows you to significantly reduce planning time and gives you a maximally effective result. With the help of our solutions, you will be able to process the maximum number of orders with the minimum number of trips and vehicles.минимальным количеством рейсов и автотранспортом.

Logistic-Navigtor is easily integrated with corporate information systems with regard to the acceptance and transfer of information. At the moment we have successfully integrated with the following systems:

2. SAP

Today TMS Logistic-Navigator is used by both Russian and overseas companies. Such wide coverage of the geographical market allows us to use the expertise gained from different enterprises in different countries in our product.

TMS (Transportation management system) – an automated system of vehicle management

TMS Logistic-Navigator can be used for both long term planning and also for processing online orders which require instant implementation. RTM module is used to carry out such tasks.