What is Autoconductor?

Autoconductor provides a calculation of revenue based on passenger traffic data making it impossible for drivers to take proceeds in an unauthorised way.

After having installed the ticket-processing system Autoconductor, a calculation can also be made about passengers who are travelling on a concessionary ticket and adjustments will be made.

Based on the statistics received from our clients, proceeds rose from 25% to 40% after implementing this system.

Autoconductor helps you:

A system for planning and putting together timetables

A system for calculating revenue and customer concessions

A system for automatically planning deployment using calculations of passenger load at intervals

An automatic calculation of the workload of the entire fleet or one specific vehicle

A system for monitoring the earning power of different routes

A timetable management system with the ability to transfer information to «Smart Stops»

Additional oppurtunities

— Monitoring timetable implementation. The system controls the timetables and if they are deviated from, it sends a message to both the dispatcher and the driver;
—Integration with Yandex.Transport;
— Analysis of transportation effectiveness.

The project's cost recovery period

The cost recovery period depends mainly on two factors — the overall volume of delivered passengers and ticket price. According to statistics based on existing installations, enterprises lose out on about 30% of proceeds on average every month. Thus the cost recovery period can be calculated using the following formula:

Cost recovery period in months = the cost of the package / (average amount of monthly proceeds * 0.3)

Examples Of Autoconductor in use




For more detailed information about the system, go to www.autoconductor.ru


Location: The Republic of Tatarstan
Area of Service: Inner-city Passenger Transport

Ticket cost: 20 roubles;
Monthly proceeds from one route prior to the system’s implementation: 280 000 roubles;
Monthly proceeds from one route after the system’s implementation: 700 000 roubles;
Number of buses using the route: 4;
Cost recovery period for Vega Trans Ltd.: 1 month.


Location: Krasnodar Region
Area of Service: Outer-city Passenger Transport

Ticket price: from 3 to 20 roubles depending on the zone (zone-based pricing);
Proceed growth from each bus: 2 000 roubles per day;
Cost recovery period for Express Line Ltd.: 1 month.


Location: Moscow Region
Area of Service: Inner-city Passenger Transport

Ticket cost: 40 roubles;
Proceed growth from each bus: 3 000 roubles per month;
Cost recovery period for Fakel Ltd: 1 month.