Integration with Teltonika FOTA and system setup via QR-code

Integration with Teltonika FOTA allows connecting Teltonika devices without any configuration.

We continue to make every effort to ensure that the work with the product is simple, intuitive and without duplicated operations. Today, the initial setup of an account on any telematics platform is a quite important, painstaking and not always simple process. We made another step to change this.

You can save the following typical configurations in platform.

  1. Sensor setup.
  2. User settings
  3. Notification settings

A set of typical configurations can be saved, and the system will issue a QR code for this configuration. If you add a new device, the user just needs to scan the QR code via the PILOT mobile application, and the system will automatically create an account in the desired configuration with the necessary sensor settings for the device.

We managed to achieve more complete automation with Teltonika devices. Upon connecting these devices, you should not configure them at all. You just need to insert a SIM card into the device, supply the power, scan the QR code and voila, you’re done. When you scan a QR code, the system connects to Teltonika FOTA and transfers all the necessary settings to the device through it. Of course, if during operation it was necessary to reconfigure the device, then you can also use the FOTA function built into the PILOT platform.