Integration with ADAS solutions

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System — is a system which enables the monitoring of vehicle control. Pilot Telematics has carried out the integration of ADAS solutions into the platform of the satellite vehicle monitoring system PILOT. Monitoring vehicle control is possible by video analysis and enables the following events to be detected:

  • Driver closed his eyes
  • Driver is yawning
  • Driver is drinking while driving
  • Driver is talking on the phone
  • Someone is smoking in the cabin
  • The monitoring device changed the direction of observation
  • Collision with the vehicle in front
  • Warning that there is not enough distance between the vehicle in front
  • Left wheel is not within the road lines
  • Right wheel is not within the road lines
  • The seatbelt is not being worn
  • Driver not identified, a login error (driver facial recognition)
  • The driver passed the security check successfully
  • The driver is agitated
  • The driver’s face is not visible

For every recorded event, the user can access information:

  • About the type of event
  • Where the event occurred
  • Date and time of the event
  • Photographs and video recorded when the event occurred