Complex Unit Module

The Complex Component Module allows fuel monitoring on units which connect to fixed propellant tanks and mobile units. Thanks to the current module there is no need to produce an analysis of each consumer separately.

The system creates a report about fuel movement in the unit and the user can selectively receive a detailed elaboration about each selected unit. Let’s take a look at how this module works:

Two fixed propellant tanks for fuel storage are located on the monitored unit. The tanks are fitted with both fuel sensors and flow gauges. Fuel leaves the tank and flows out to the users — several diesel generators, a pump, a fuel station and a drilling platform.

The main task is to monitor the delivered fuel, its consumption, and how much remains in the entire enterprise. The Complex Unit Module carries out the given task and presents the user with data in report form:

The report can be set for the collection and display of data from the required machines. For this, the form of report settings must be used.